Jenny's love for art was evident from a very young age. Although she earned a degree in human resources, it became clear that her passion for art and beauty was exemplified through makeup artistry. She pursued this passion by practicing, studying, enrolling in workshops and basically surrounding herself in all things related to makeup artistry. This ultimately led to her launching her own freelance makeup artist career and working with a variety of luxurious brands, such as Laura Mercier and Dior.


With almost a decade of experience in the beauty industry, Jenny has developed not only in-depth product knowledge but also an exceptional aptitude in customer service. Jenny’s past experience in the retail beauty industry was an opportunity for her to preview all of the upcoming beauty trends, giving her insight into the latest makeup and skincare products – not to mention that it took her product knowledge to the next level.


Jenny’s vast portfolio of experience includes bridal, beauty, fashion and editorial, but bridal remains her true passion. She also puts strong emphasis on skincare. Taking special care to prep the skin is an integral part of the comprehensive services that Jenny offers each and every client, ensuring their skin radiates from within and looks its absolute best. Jenny also prides herself on ensuring her kit is always sanitized and in pristine condition, an essential component to being a professional makeup artist. 


Jenny has now expanded her company by offering a mobile beauty team. Both makeup and hair services are now available to groups of all size. Clients now have the opportunity to get their makeup and hair done in the comfort of their home, hotel room, bridal suite, whether it be large or small bookings.